There Must Be Humor!


From the Desk of George Barnard.

There was a time, long ago, when my perception of those in the Midway Realm was far from accurate. I was convinced the “Eleven-Eleven” were mere ghosts. That alone was not so bad, because they were more than helpful, in business, in family matters, and certainly in my clinic, and with patients of all kinds. My main concern centered on their seeming inability to express humor, even be appreciative of my “good” jokes.

Who Needs a Sad Sack?

It had long been my prerogative to give humorless people a wide berth, in business, in socializing, even with the occasional distant relative. My clinical work, also, generally started off with a lighthearted conversation, and this, more than anything, created a quick, workable patient-therapist bond, bringing great results. No matter how desperate the circumstances, knowing the solutions can always be found must call for some sort of celebration, even in advance.

Sooner or later, I felt, those “1,111 ghosts” needed to be told to either lighten up, or move on, if there weren’t an occasional belly-shaking laugh to be had. However, little did I realize the Midwayers were reading my mind, since they had long ago been given that privilege, and my jokes were lost for the punch line “arriving” much too late. They were more than “wake-up” to me.

Over the years, there were just a few occasions when fast, fickle answers on my part produced hearty laughter on their parts. The Midwayers, themselves, proved to be much more capable of coming up with the appropriate ludicrous message when it was most needed or most treasured. One most appreciated turned out to be Midwayer Messenger, Simone (MNO-6), with jests and humor seemingly coursing through her arteries and veins.

And the Rest?

Sooner or later, my life on this planet would come to an end, and I considered the other Teachers I met, ascended mortals and Cherubim. If they were devoid of all humor, I should probably wish to go elsewhere, although I knew not where that would be. The answers were soon forthcoming.

The most treasured just yesterday, and allow me to recapitulate: A member of the 11:11 Angels posted me about the lengthy “space of time” and many daily hours of our involvement. I answered her by typing, “Yes, I know. All of us are making up for Michael’s short stay on the planet.”

It was a cheeky response, but the results were immediate. I burst out laughing, but with the knowledge that a powerful connection had just been made with the Creator Son of this universe. I felt so much love, so much enjoyment, and so much welcome surprise that HE felt at my fickle wisecrack.

There’s humor in Heaven, thank God.

And I’m still laughing.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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