Deadly Aluminum.


(From an Akashic Construct Student – January 15, 2005.)

Much research has been done regarding the ill effects of Aluminum on the human physiology, especially on the brain. Relatively little of this information has been passed onto the population at large. Aluminum is an awesome, insidious, deadly toxin, responsible for many ills. This report from an Akashic Construct Student gives a Midwayer’s diagnosis of the cause of an annoying aberration that is due to this potentially lethal metal.

I decided to go into my Akashic Workshop and call upon the help of your friend, Dr. Mendoza. It was short notice, so I wasn’t sure if any Midwayer could help me out, much less the doctor himself. I asked for help and or a healing for myself this time.

I have an annoying condition known as “Restless Leg Syndrome”. It is described as a sensor-motor disorder, mainly involving the sub-cortical areas of the brain, although exactly what part of the nervous system is involved is still under debate. Restless Leg Syndrome involves bothersome, but generally painless sensations in the legs, or arms, producing an irresistible urge to move.

These sensations feel like creeping, pulling, tugging, burning, and are more common during rest or sitting. It causes insomnia, which leads to other complications. I take medication for it, but at a low dose, so I can still have "breakthrough" at times, especially when my sweet tooth has be satisfied. Lately, it has been troublesome when I am trying to meditate, since I remain still, which is the prime time for Restless Leg Syndrome to present itself. Although I have no trouble with it during sleep, it has been interfering with my Akashic Construct visits and Stillness Exercises.

The Midwayer “flashed” into my workshop. I didn’t get a clear look at his face, but his hair was dark, and the clothing was the same as the previous time, so I’m pretty sure it was the doctor. I got onto the exam table, and he stood by my side. He held out his hands above me, and moved them sideways from my head to my feet. He then said, “You have too much Aluminum!” That was it, and he was off again! Gone!

I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly. Aluminum? What aluminum? It didn’t ring any bells. I have a degree in Health Science, and I’m ashamed to admit I wasn’t aware of such a thing as aluminum toxicity, or how to treat it, so late at night I did another Internet search, and I was amazed at what I found. Aluminum is associated with everything from headaches to Alzheimer’s disease. Restless Leg Syndrome is one of the conditions mentioned.

I was amazed at how many common sources of aluminum there are. Even our municipal water supply is treated with aluminum sulfate and aluminum fluoride. It is in cookware, even deodorants! I am now doing what I can to avoid anything containing aluminum.

I noticed that Dr. Mendoza used the same technique with me, as he did with another patient some time ago. Rather than treating or curing the condition, he gave me information as to how I could treat myself. It works, and I’m grateful to him. I just wish he would stop for long enough for me to thank him, or stand still for long enough for me to give him a hug!

Muchos Gracias, Dr. Mendoza! And many thanks to 11:11 Progress, for introducing us to these wonderful Midwayer friends.

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