Wondering About It For Years.


(From the Desk of George Barnard.)

How patient the 1,111 Urantia Secondary Midwayers! They can contact people at a moments notice, or be in touch with their human subjects for many long years before their identity is finally discovered.

It was Saturday. I was in a large shopping center, and finally decided to ‘exchange’ my $3.00 baseball cap for a long-overdue $15.00 haircut. It would be appropriate, I figured, to ask the lady barber for a detailed quote on, and even a signed contract for, the challenging undertaking now before her. She appreciated the thought, but she wasn’t fazed about the job.

As I took the chair, I clearly heard, “We’ve long been in contact with her.”

“Make it short, and I’ll be back in two, three years,” I told her, “and do you put your feet up after you’re through with a hard days’ work?”

“I often just spread out on the floor,” she answered. “What do you do?”

“I try to get a book published, and I talk with a few Spiritual Beings.” We were quickly moving in the right direction with this conversation.

“What is your book called?”

Bingo! “It’s called ‘The Search for 11:11’. That means 11 minutes after 11. It’s a time prompt, a wake-up call by my Spirit Friends.”

She had stopped cutting my hair. She just stood there, and then she said, “I’ve been wondering about those prompts for years!”

“I know,” I told her, “I heard them say so just when I sat down. You can find out all about it on the web. Just look for www.1111angels. You’ll find us. Easy as falling off a log.”

“Don’t tell me! I want you to write down the URL for me!”


She finished cutting my hair, and went to dig up some paper and a pen. By the time I left, her eyes were still big, and her mouth still open.


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