Pascoe Dobson—an Away-from-Home Healing.


(From the Desk of George Barnard.)

In the early Seventies, Pascoe Dobson was an order taker, learning to be a company representative. Every month his company let him visit the customers for a few days, and after that he would be stuck behind his desk for the rest of the time, until he was let “off the leash” again. We were friends, sharing a coffee once in a while.

One day I ordered a long list of goods from his firm, and after taking his notes, Pascoe read them all back to me. Immediately after that, he told me about his concern for a relative, her age, her address, street number, street name, suburb and all, just a few miles from my home. Then he asked me, quite surprised, why he had told me all that bad news.

I simply told him that such a thing happened all the time, and not to worry about it. It did happen frequently that some acquaintance, or even a total stranger, would come up with the complete detail of someone ill. Quite shocked, they would then inquire as to why they were telling me these things, and I would give them the same “don’t-worry-about-it-it-happens-all-the-time” answer. Somehow, that was always enough to alleviate their concerns about their unusual behavior.

To me it meant that I would be in my clinic that evening, away from a rowdy bunch of children, using the very early version of the Akashic Construct, and soon be on my way with ABC-22 or Dr. Mendoza, or both, to heal that individual. We would actually go to the address to operate on the patient’s “astral self.”

We would see an instant recovery in that dimension, and somehow fathom how long it would take for the body to follow suit. In that long-ago “Dobson” instance, it took some three whole weeks! But I dug out a huge growth from behind that dear old lady’s liver, and her doctors talked about a miracle attributed to faith. Perhaps she prayed for a healing. I’m almost sure she must have done.

Perhaps her request went all the way up the chain of command and back down to what was then the 11:11 Emergency Platoon. But in that instance, Pascoe Dobson was also prompted to tell me what the results had been, and how quickly she had recovered. I never told him what we had done. I felt “uneasy” about that.

In most instances the Midwayers and I would simply be away, and I would hardly ever know the person we were healing, sometimes not even find out in which country we were operating. Sometimes I would just be an onlooker, as one of the Midwayers would perform the task. But the instance of Pascoe’s dear relative’s healing it confirmed we weren’t just fooling ourselves. It really worked, and that was important for me to know at that time.

Be aware of someone providing you with such unusual information. It’s likely that both, he or she, and you, are being prompted to take action, and don’t be afraid to travel halfway around the world with the 1,111. Your body will be kept safe on life support.

Note: At that time I no longer needed to run the Akashic Construct tape. I was doing it all in my mind and by memory. The important thing; don’t go too fast. If you go too fast you will visualize, but you will not necessarily drop into Alpha at that fast speed. I created lots of problems for myself by always rushing it.

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