The Trance State 5.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Even to this day, the “trance state” is much misunderstood.  Most Psych Hygiene Professionals will simply tell us the trance state is an altered state of consciousness.  Since they cannot really tell us what our consciousness is altered from (or how it is changed to be what it now is), most of us tend to be little the wiser after that explanation.

This writing is aimed at providing some information -- throw some light on -- the much-misunderstood subject.  It will hardly explain all.

These are only personal experiences and opinions, theories, projections, and “bits and pieces” of unconfirmed proposals gleaned from decades of association with the “Eleven-Eleven of the Half-way Realm”.

This segment, The Trance State 5, deals with transmission and reception as a function of the Trance State.

How Do They Do It?

When coming face to face with the inhabitants of the Midway Realm, and after having been prompted by them or occasionally hearing their voices in the almost ten years before that day, I had to ask myself the question: “How do they do that?  How are these unusual red and blue creatures capable of making sounds that my family, friends, patients and students, can’t hear?”

At times, the words of Bzutu or the soft voice of Simone would seem to resonate through my living room, clinic, or car.  I would hear the Warrior, or his Consort, loud and clear, but others would remain oblivious to his or her presence even.  My “Spirit Guardian Friends” were doing something to my brain, or to my mind, or to both.

Not until I finally chanced to crack the obvious alphabetical/numerical code of Dr Mendoza, also referred to as Emenohwate the Healer (MNO-8), did I realize that the Midwayer Chief I had presumptuously named “Bzutu”, had tried ever so hard to give me his appropriate code.  He told me his name was, “Ah-Bé-Cé-Tu-Tu” – the alphabetical part being expressed in French (Ah-Bé-Cé), the numerical part in English (Two-Two).

I just didn’t get it.  Not then, and I concluded the poor guy had to be a ghost who had forgotten his name and town of birth, misplaced his body, and somehow, miraculously, retained his sense of humor.  I tried hard to get him to travel back to North America, since he was obviously a Red Man, but he wouldn’t go.  He told me he was my Teacher, Friend, and Protector – A Warrior, Chief (belonging to the original 33), a Shaman, and Teacher – in that order.  He was also quite certain he was alive, not dead or dying.  I was sure he had long ago expired, but just hadn’t realized it yet.

“Bzutu, you showed me a place to the east and to the north of the Mediterranean Sea (near Lake Van), but you could not have been born there!  You are a Red Man, and there are no Red Men in Asia, Europe, or Africa.  Go back to North America, and find your tepee, or your dead body.”

He would not listen to me, barely kept a straight face at that time.

At last it dawned on me that if I used only French when spelling, English when counting, I could only receive bi-lingual coded information of the alphabetical/numerical kind.  These “ghosts” were limited in the information they could pass on, by being limited to the regularly used languages, words and conceptual capacities of their charges.

The Morontia Mind

Without the Mind, the human Brain is a useless tool… machine… energy generator.  Without the Brain, the Mind can also not interact.  Since Orion, an Urantia Life Carrier, confirmed the Hypothesis of Mind having a distinct anatomy, as well as growth potential beyond responding to the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, other theories could also make sense.  The human mind is progressive/inter-active, and segmented – it arrives in “slabs”, slots in with the other segments (7 total), and is capable of expanding.

If, by either genetic predisposition, or by “divine grant”, an individual is gifted with the very first aspect of the Morontia Mind Endowment (if the individual has become a Spiritually Enlightened One), that aspect of the Mind, as well as the corresponding aspect of the brain associated with this new Morontia Gift can no longer be said to be perceiving the world in Beta.  A new capacity of thought is initiated here.  We could call it a purely spiritual Trance State.  We even know it can function alone, continuously, and as the rest of the person’s brain and mind goes about “the hunt”, “survival”, and “the care for offspring”.

Orion further confirmed that the Life Carriers set out to “evolve under guidance” an animal species that would use both sodium and calcium in the neurons of the cerebral mass -- the sodium to trigger the chemical firing of the neurons -- the calcium to create the microscopic crystals dealing with memory retention and, most likely, many routine functions we must still discover.

The All-Or-Nothing Firing Threshold

In the Australian summer of 1971/1972 when I first laid eyes on the Secondary and Primary Midwayers, I was routinely using the English language, rarely ever still dreaming in Dutch or French.  But I found it much easier to continue to spell in French.  I routinely counted in English.

The Midway Warrior, Chief, Shaman and Teacher, ABC-22, therefore would have been too late to tell me his name was “Ah-Bé-Cé-Deux-Deux” in pure French.  I no longer counted in French, or Dutch, or in any other language.  He arrived a little too early to use A-Bee-Cee-Two-Two.  I found it awkward to spell in English, particularly the vowels, with the A pronounced as E, the E as I, etc.  More so, since the other language alphabets were so similar, and had been “rammed home” ad infinitum.

His casual mentioning of the number twenty-two only got him into an argument about his visibly being at least ten years older – at least thirty-two years of age.  But there is something to be learned from this personal code, ABC-22, coming through in two languages…

Undeniably, the Midwayers in passing on the messages from the Celestial Teachers trigger the all-or-nothing firing threshold of the cerebral neurons, through the “impacting” of their thoughts on the human mind, and these “impacts” must coincide with, or be aimed at, often-used neural pathways in the human brain.  Again… In transmitting the concept, they must work through the mind, and they must “locate” the concept in the “anatomical” mind.

(They, incidentally, would be hard-pressed to fire each of tens of thousands of cerebral neurons to make the TR utter a word or sentence that was entirely absent in that TRs vocabulary, or long since forgotten.)

One could say that it would be extremely difficult for any Celestial to tell us anything we did not already know… at least about our language.  But with the use of the thousands upon thousands of words we do have in memory, new groupings of words can be found, and these new sentences (word arrangements) can contain brand new concepts.

Where an entirely new concept is infused into the mind of a helper of the 1,111 (now 1,984), and as he/she sleeps, it could be said the Midwayer uses an already existing Trance State to infuse data.  Perhaps they even deepen the Trance State.  They certainly modify the sleep condition.  When awake, those who regularly work with the Midwayers know when the 1,111 are “knocking on the door”, as if saying, “we want to talk now.”

Many Midwayers’ students are familiar with the sudden awakening from a Trance State they themselves did not induce.  There is an awareness that new information has indeed arrived, but it may not yet be realized.  It may be utterly impossible to “get at”.  More often, there may just be snippets of knowledge.  But when the circumstances are right, and when the student of the 1,111 needs to act, swiftly, smartly, the entire concept will surface in a Trance State-like fashion that reminds one of post-hypnotic suggestion.

Midwayers are Masters of the Trance State.  Eye contact with them improves the clarity of concepts being conveyed.

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