Thought Adjusters, Divinington, and Sudden Jolts.


(From the Desk of George Barnard).

It is Not Your Soul.

There are lots of different names for the "Gift" that the Creator of All has bestowed upon the mortal races. Thought Adjuster is just one of them. Other names are Spirit Self, the Voice Within, and Pilot Light to name a few. Many people are unaware of these indefatigable Workers that are with us at all times, or certainly most of the time. Relatively few people understand Their function, and even fewer know where They hail from, and that They actually need some form of training to function well in the time/space realms. Countless individuals believe they may well have a soul, but they are unaware of the fact that their soul would not be able to progress in this life without that additional Gift from the Creator of All That Is.

A Favored World.

In November of 2002, Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8) "absolved me of any blame" for not having arrived at a logical conclusion regarding the arrival of very advanced Thought Adjusters.  see Pre-birth Programming and Indigo Children  The good Doctor was talking about the experienced Adjusters that indwell the ever-growing number of precocious children on the planet.

These Advanced and Supreme Adjusters are not new arrivals from Divington, the place where they are educated about time/space realities. They have been the Indwellers of human beings on other worlds, and their human charges might have disappointed them by deciding to forego eternal life. It happens.

They may have been the Indwellers of certain races that do not eventually fuse with these Adjusters, but with another Fragment of a different Creator Being. For whatever reason they do not fuse with the souls of their humans, they do gain a great deal more experience with each return to time/space.

A Logical Deduction.

The processes of channeling, and out-of-body experiences, requires for one to have an Advanced, or perhaps even a Supreme Adjuster, not a brand new, less experienced, or Virgin Adjuster. It is the Adjuster who "calls the shots" in communication. He or She (so addressed depending on the human gender, since he, or she, supplies the Personality, while the Adjuster supplies the Identity), needs to "disengage" in some way, to allow for Midwayers’ mind-to-mind communication to the human speech centers, located in the left cerebral hemisphere.

Therefore, it stands to reason that those who are regular recipients of the 11:11 time prompts do have Advanced, or even Supreme Adjusters.

That seems a logical deduction.

No Money to Spend.

Advanced and Supreme Adjusters often have more "jobs lined up" than just looking after their human charges. They may temporarily leave their indwelling task to get active in some other sphere, even come back with pictures perceived in far-away places.

Many years ago, I thought I might only have a soul, nothing more, and my soul left me almost every night. That leaving made a kind of "slamming" noise in my head, just as I was about to fall asleep, and I used to mumble, "Don’t go running up big bills at the mall." On very rare occasions, I became aware of its later return, and since I presumed my soul to have a sense of humor, I would murmer, "Forgot your credit cards, éh? Thank Heavens."

Psychology Will Tell You Anything.

Psychology will teach you that those sudden jolts you experience at the point of your falling asleep deal with a sudden relaxing, but psychology will teach you almost anything. It may even be partly true. But if you are experiencing those jolts in your arms, or legs, or head, when you drift away into a deep sleep, there’s a good chance you’ve been left in the sole care of your angels, and your Pilot Light might be on a short "shopping trip."

It’s good to ask the question, nicely. You might get some astounding answers, directly from the God Fragment that is yours. I asked nicely, and got an answer.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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