Never Alone at Home.


(Written by Gabrielle - April 15, 2004)

My husband telephoned to say he wouldnít be coming home in the evening. He had decided to remain at the office, but to get a few hoursí sleep on some beanbags when his work was completed.

I am used to being alone in our home, but I rather missed him that evening. I felt abandoned, lonely. For more than a week our phone line had been out of order, and so I couldnít even surf the net. Best to go to bed early, I thought. I left the bedroom door open for the cats to join me on the king-size bed. As the old house grew quiet and started cooling after the heat of the day, the timber creaked and snapped. As well, I could hear some strange noises outside in our overgrown garden, and every sound made me nervous. Living in South Africa means you need to always be wary of burglars, or even worse. I turned to my left and spoke to my angel: "Please donít leave me. I feel rather lonely . . ."

The room was silent now, and dark. "How quiet things have been the past few weeks, without the internet, without the usual 11:11 signals on the monitor, and without the feeling of invisible visitors around me. Perhaps my teachers had left me. Did I do something to upset them? Maybe theyíre helping out in Iraq."

Evening prayers were short, asking for protection. After calling my husband to say goodnight, I left the cell phone on the pillow beside me, and I must have fallen asleep. A cat jumping onto the pillow woke me. Looking for the cell phone, I opened just one eye and peeked.

It was 11:11. "Youíre not alone!" Midwayers can make animals do all kinds of things.

"Cool!" Mumbling my thank-you, I dozed off to sleep again.

It seemed like only seconds had gone by when the cell phone rang. It was my husband. "Iím coming home. We got the work done," he told me.

"Great news!" I should get up and turn the lights on for him. I picked up my cell phone to fluff his pillow. The clock read 11:44. It was my angelís private signal: "I love you".

Should have known. Iím never alone at home.

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