Instant Recognition-An Awesome Experience.


(From the Desk of George Barnard.)

A charming Cambodian couple I got to know shortly after arriving in the Illawarra region runs the local hamburger shop. Four or five months ago, the three of us discussed the "illusion that is linear time". We found that there were many theories, even experiences, we had in common, but since that occasion we have dealt with the concept of time in a rather off-hand way.

Some few days ago, I walked into the store of my dear friends when there were no other customers in the store. "Please fabricate for me a hamburger with the works," I requested of the woman. "Iíll be around to pick it up tomorrow." I left and bought some goods next door. When I returned just five minutes later, the delicious, "loaded-up" hamburger was just being wrapped. I loudly proclaimed, "OK, it is now tomorrow!"

Moments before this, a young girl of about seven, perhaps eight years of age had walked into the store with me. As I scooped up the hamburger and turned, she offered me a broad smile for the "today is tomorrow" idea. But it was much more than a smile.

In that fleeting moment, the happy-looking youngster assessed all that I was, and in return I fully comprehended she was one of those precocious ones we have named "The Indigo Children" for want of better terms. The lightning-fast exchange of information was complete. It was absolutely total, and it was awesome!

As I made my way down the footpath, I momentarily mused about going back to the shop to speak to the bright little youngster in the faded hand-me-down dress, but there was nothing more for me to say. That timeless instant had conveyed all of what the two of us needed to know: That the world is a mess right now, but that the Prophets of the Future are less than a generation away.

Itís just a small thought from George Barnard.

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