A Prankster Spirit.


(Submitted by Hayden)

Recently I have been exchanging emails with a member of the 11:11 Angels, and it was he who suggested that I write to you to tell you of some of my experiences. Also, I have purchased and read a copy of your book, "The Search for 11:11." It was interesting and informative, and the first publication I have found concerning 11:11.

Early in 1991 I learned of 11:11 in this manner: I was a dry cleaners store where the bill came to $11.11. It made no impression on me until I got to my car and found that the clock in my auto read 11:11am. Then I went to another store where the change from a $20.00 bill was $11.11. Three times in rapid succession. However, I could not make anything of it. Then at home I began glancing at the clock at exactly 11:11. It was all too much for me. I knew no one I could tell it to, so I kept it to myself.

Then, some time later, I recalled how frequently streetlights went out as I passed by. That had been going on for about 10 years, and was nothing new. Then I recalled how my bed had shook, sometimes violently, for several years in Washington DC, and it continued when I moved to Florida.

Another thing began happening; items began disappearing from my apartment when I was certain that no one had been in it but myself. I started writing down things that were missing. Nothing of any great value was missing, just things I could do without. This went on for about three years.

I quit writing down missing items when a lid to a frying pan was missing. At this point I counted 52 missing items. About four times something was returned. I decided that I had a "prankster spirit" living in my apartment and there was nothing I could do about it.

Then, after I had purchased a computer, one day about three years later I got the idea to type in 11:11 to see what would happen. Lots did. There were several other things. And then I got an email from your group telling me about you. I bought your book and read it. Just yesterday I also purchased "The Urantia Book." Now that is a major undertaking just to read it.

I am certain that it will be a long time before I complete it. Also, I enjoy your daily readings. Well, I guess that is enough from me as a way of introduction.



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