To Moscow and Back.


(Meeting Mr. Gorbachov.)

The story set out below comes from an anonymous contributor. Rather than it being unusual or outrageous, it is becoming an ever-more-regular occurrence in this age of spiritual uplift. As the old saying goes, "The Lord works in mysterious ways." This (set out below) is one of those episodes.

I do believe this could be categorized as an out of body experience. This was the only one I had like it, and I have never experienced anything like it again. I was living in an apartment in Alabama where the angel Gabrielle later came to me.

I can remember coming out of my body while sleeping and traveling by plane to Russia. I could actually feel myself flying, and landing there at the airport. It was really cold and there was snow on the ground. Some people were there to meet me, and they gave me a fur coat and a fur hat to wear.

They escorted me to a limousine and took me to this palace type place. I did not know why I was there, but they told me I had come because I needed to pray for somebody. I could tell these people were dignitaries of some political organization.

Once inside the palace, I was taken down a long beautiful corridor. There were pictures of some people on the walls. Maybe they were past presidents, but I do not remember. I do remember looking at them all as I walked by.

I was taken into a big bedroom where a man lay sick. I walked up to his bed and prayed for him. I do believe he was Gorbachov, their leader, because he had the same marking on his forehead as has Gorbachov.

I prayed for him, and then I was escorted back out of the room to the waiting limousine. I was taken back to the airport to be put on the plane. When we got there, they took back the hat and coat. Again, I could feel myself flying and looking out of the window, as we became airborne.

I could feel my spirit come back into my body once the plane landed back in Birmingham.

I awakened freezing cold!

I told myself, I have just come from Russia! I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had been traveling to Russia!

To this day, I do not know why I was chosen for that job.

This was not a dream!

Note: In a recent post our contributor adds: Did you see the Today Show yesterday morning? Well, Matt Lauer was in Moscow. I did not know that. I walked in the room and saw him standing in front of this building and said to myself, that is the place I visited! I was so excited! It is the Kremlin. They showed some of the inside of it, and boy, you’re talking about amazed! I passed some of that same stuff. No one would believe this. I am laughing. I do believe my angels played a part in me walking into the room at the exact time to see that snippet of news! How amazing, huh?

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