Jim’s Two Miracles.


(Written by Jim - Mildly Edited by 11:11 :o)

Of course, I don’t know if the (11:11 Devina) story is true. But it matters not to me. I’d not practiced my faith in many years, but when my wife was diagnosed with MS, I got religion. Well, not really. Let’s just say I got some faith back.

I prayed, loud and long. And two things happened to us. Two miracles. One was presaged by a ‘presence’ which I shall never forget. I was at my desk working. That very day, Father Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Order of priests and teaching brothers (monks, to whom I credit 7 of the best years of my life at the school I attended) was canonized by the Catholic Church. That means that the Church recognized him as being permanently "up there" and able to perform verifiable miracles.

That day, April 18th, was the day after my birthday. I had the opportunity of going to Rome with the Brothers, but could not because of my wife’s condition. She was not only badly deformed due to MS, but she had a most distressing illness called Clostridium Difficile. In fact, all the magic bullets in the formulary did not work.

We were feeling hopeless, and I was very scared. She had just had a sample tested, fresh from her bowel, and it was filled with both the bug and their toxins. Kazzillians of ‘em. The next day she was ordered off the medication and given a colonoscopy. This, to determine if there was damage due to the inflammation caused by the toxins. She had the colonoscopy. And there was nothing there. Similar to an MRI of the inside of my skull. Nuttin!

No bugs. No toxins. No nothing. It baffled every one. Including the docs. And now for the "Rest of the Story."

That Sunday when St. Champagnat was canonized, whilst sitting at my desk, I thought, Gee, what an honor it must be for even the spirit of the man to ‘feel!’ To be canonized. Whilst pride is not the issue of a soul or spirit, there must be something equivalent in the world of spirits.

Suddenly, I had this tingling sensation in my spine. The sensation grew to unbelievable proportions. It filled my entire body. I literally vibrated with this tingling. But rather than be frightened, I was feeling wonderful. In fact, the feeling was ... impossible to describe.

I realized two things. It was impossible for me, or I thought, any human, to feel this way. The joy, peace and love I felt were miraculous. It was so strong (whilst I continued to feel this whole body vibration) that I could not help but emote-get it out of my system. So, I wept. A profound weeping which was a weeping of joy, cathartic, since as a human, I could not stand the joy.

I then felt a presence within me. It was something unexplainable. And it wasn’t sleep paralysis (snicker). To this day, I wonder if it was Father Champagnat or an angel or some other heavenly entity. Whoever it was, it was someone. Someone in the realm of the spirits. The realm of souls.

Two miracles. Back to back. Ask all the questions. Got not one answer, because there are none. None. Except one. For me.

There is a better place, one in which we all call home, somewhere out there. Or in another place, dimension or what-the-hell-ever. And there, there is nothing but love.

It’s a place we shall all go. Home.

Hell? Good Lord, man ... that’s right here on earth! Maybe we were once on the witness protection program, in another life. And we were sent here to serve out our sentence. If so, we were all VERY bad boize and goils.

Love, peace and prayers,

Jim from the USA.

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