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From the Desk of George Barnard - December 28, 2003

To All,

This story landed on my desk some days ago and I considered editing it. Well, I changed my mind, because as it is, I feel, it’s much more authentic. Besides, it’s perfectly clear Enrique expresses these events with more ‘emotion’ than I can.

Hi (hola)

My name is Enrique. I live in Mexico and I will try to do my best english

Since a kid I've been searching for God’s truth about His creation ... I experienced many beliefs ... until 10 years ago by a dream I found the Urantia book ... since then some celestial experiences came to my life but the most close was this morning

In the same weird way I found the UB I found your page and I now I'm trying to contact you to share what I experienced

I was surfing the net last night ... then I felt an entity presence very close very strong around me ... my body reacted specially my skin ... I'm normally very sensitive to that phenomena and kind of psychic since I was just a boy

I was sure that someone was close to me ... without a reason I went to Ebay page ... using search option I typed "Urantia" some items came ... and one got my attention .. your book "11:11" I saw a link to your page .. I readed your information posted there ... etc

The feeling of authenticy was running inside my body, mind and spirit.

Later when I was ready to go sleep ... I did my worship with Christ Michael ... and I asked or requested a sign if what I felt in your page was real ... I requested if a midwayer could contact me with a sign using my computer ... etc

Well I stayed very late watching tv that night ... and I awoke some late

I was sleeping and I awoke with my doorbell ... like I have security cameras system I checked before go to downstairs to see who was it.

I saw a typical latino man ... far to look like an angel or midwayers look I had ... at that moment I felt something strong and I turned look to see my computer monitor ... when I saw the clock ... it was 11:11.

I back to see the guy front my main door ... he started to move and then the shock moment came.

While he started to walk away ... I saw 5 or 6 of hiself ... like the effect of a comet ... each one came more transparent ... then He just gone.

To my surprise I hadn’t a heart attack or something close ... I stayed in calm all the time.

Other surprise was when I checked my digital recording files from my security system ... There’s no evidence of Him!

Well that’s it ... Thanks for read my words ... I just wish some words of you about it ... Thanks again.

pd : sorry for my english :o) Enrique.

Note: We put Enrique on the English 11:11 list. His English is just fine.

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