Seek And You Shall Find.


From the desk of George Barnard - December 8, 2003

Our 11:11 transmissions and writings go out to many seekers all over the world. On each day there are more subscribers to the lists. The vast majority of these are recipients of the 11:11 PM and 11:11 AM wake-up and reminder prompts. Some of these 11:11 recipients and spiritual seekers have been receiving these prompts for many years, and they often desire to establish closer connections with those who "own" the trade-mark prompts; the 11:11 Spirit Guardians, or 1,111 Secondary Midwayers.

It’s Our Call, Not Theirs.

The 1,111 applied for, and were granted permission to alert us mortals to their presence by using the 11:11 time prompts, even whilst prototypes of digital timepieces were only still on the inventors’ workbenches. Apart from turning up and taking action in emergencies of many kinds, the 1,111 are very much limited in approaching us humans, for we are so easily frightened.

We need to instigate contact from our end. It’s our call, not theirs. They function under a truly humbling code of ethics, with countless restrictions.

We need to voice our desire to be adopted by them, become regular contacts for them, and accept them as part of our extended family. And much like our human family, they can rarely read our minds beyond their, at times, being brilliant readers of our dead-set-give-away body language.

There’s Minds . . . And There’s Minds.

They are the Melchizedeks, with their lecture theaters all over our universes, who are the sublime Teachers. In addition to their vast knowledge, they have minds that will weigh up a human being’s ‘psychological and intellectual inventory’ in seconds.

Moments is all it takes for them to know what you know, and evaluate your personality, intellect, and motivation better than you can.

Meeting a Melchizedek face-to-face is an awesome experience, as the Melchizedek’s mind swiftly ‘leaches’ every frazzle of knowledge from your mind in such eye-to-eye contact, and as he in turn imparts to you just what you need to know.

We so often compare others with ourselves, but Melchizedeks are not at all like us humans - rather basic ‘living electro-chemical machines.’

Melchizedeks have awesome minds.

What’s In A Name If . . ?

Those Without Name and Number need neither name nor number. Contact with one of these Celestials will allow you to simply absorb all about them. So, why have a name? Or even a number? At least, that is the incomplete theory, since I was incapable of fully comprehending the response to my enquiry about them, whilst the answers about them, for what they did contain, were also not recorded or even documented at the time.

Of course, one might need to have evolved enough to have permanent accommodation on Paradise, and there, one will simply absorb all there is to know about almost anyone at ‘the local mall, disco, or basketball court.’

In both dress and stature, Morontia Companions somewhat resemble the Jawas of Star-Wars fame, but that is where the resemblance ends.

They do not trade in scrap metal and outdated robots. The Companions are brilliant linguists and translators. And their big eyes will give away much of what they are all about.

Not so with the Midwayers.

It’s A Matter Of Status.

Each of these celestials is on certain rungs of perfection of that ladder that reaches up to Paradise, or down to terra firma. Midwayers are not perfect beings. Certainly a good few rungs above us, they still have neither the ethical right, nor sufficiently advanced mind endowments to figure out what is in our thoughts.

The allocation of mind endowments are entirely a matter of status/function - granted in creation, or earned in spiritual advancement by the evolutionary among His children, and there must be a near-endless variety of different mind endowments.

If we wish to communicate with the 1,111, we need to voice that request. We might even write them a note. To simply wish for contact is not enough. The Midwayers can read the sloppiest of handwriting, and I can vouch for that, as mine is almost indecipherable.

They are our Destiny Guardians and our Father Fragments that have the sacred task of not otherwise letting others know our thoughts.

To ‘seek’ probably also means to loudly voice your needs or wants, and to ‘find’ may well mean your being informed about the answer you want, even by your local neighborhood Celestial ‘with the 11:11 trademark embroidered on his/her jersey.’

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