Dr. Mendoza - Physiologist, Psychologist, Now Linguist


From the Desk of George Barnard - August 26, 2003

What Enormous Credit!

In taking care of his daily workload, the Secondary Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza, travels his superhighways - often referred to as rabbit burrows - for more than 20 hours out of 24. Apart from the help he gets from his Morontia Cherubim/Diagnosticians, and the Life Carrier/Analysts, the doc is a lone worker at healing all manner of ills.  With his many degrees in Physiology and Psychology, he recently proved to be a Linguist, as well.

What enormous credits must he have accrued in healing all manner of human ills during his some 35 millennia of service!

Three Warnings.

Around the middle of last May, I found myself in a minor accident, which brought me some major, painful repercussions as a crushed disc exerted more and more pressure on the spinal cord.  In rapid succession, three receivers were alerted to my slowly worsening plight.

The first receiver channeled Mother Spirit about what I should eat and drink, as well as what I should abstain from.

The second channeled Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22), about the hot compresses I should apply three times daily.  As well, the Midwayer advised for me to enlist Dr. Mendoza's assistance.

Last of all, Teacher Abraham came through to a TeaM receiver to warn me that having the disc manipulated away from the spinal cord, as I had planned to have done, was greatly dangerous, and for me to not attempt that operation.

Momentary Confusion.

Knowing that Dr. Mendoza has a tough job, and guessing he might need lightening up, I decided not to ask for his help.  Instead, I wrote him an email, thanking him for the work he had not yet performed.

I guess the message got to its destination.  The other night he turned up to work on me for a time.  Then he spoke, "Eventjes rechtop zitten."

Momentarily, I was confused, but swiftly I recognized a language I had not spoken in 45 years.  He was telling me in Dutch that I had to 'go sit up straight'.

I did and I laughed about his fooling and surprising me so.

"What's there to laugh about?" he grumbled at me, yet within the space of two minutes, he had me back in shape.

Many More Midwayers/Healers.

With the arrival of many more Secondary Midwayers from all over the galaxies, there is a much greater number of Midwayers/Healers available to us.  As well, the 873 rehabilitated former Rebels are much closer to us, and they are eager to assist and accumulate some urgent 'universe credits' of their own.

However, we need to loudly ask if we want help, because they cannot read our minds.  As well, we need to keep in mind what Machiventa Melchizedek pointed out so clearly in 2000 in Rockford Bay, Idaho: They can do no more for us than we do for them.

On top of that, our ledgers need to be in the black.  We need to do for others - anyone at all - what we would like done for us.

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It's just a small thought from George Barnard.

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