An Unusual Old Man.


 From the Desk of George Barnard - June 30, 2003

A Mysterious Happening.

Your recent 11:11 list submission about "Bi-location" reminded me of a rather inexplicable event that took place in 1985. Although it may or may not exactly have been a case of bi-location, or have described yet another case of bi-location, it was a most mysterious event I still frequently bring to mind.

It was something one would doubt could ever happen, and yet, it did happen right before my eyes.

For some years, I was suffering from the occasional bout of depression that would eventually simply go away. After one of those dreaded bouts, I placed myself on an intensive ‘spiritual hunt’. I attended quite a number of Spiritualist Churches in my immediate area, and also in the surrounding cities.

I was still reaching outward, rather than inward.

As you may know, the American Spiritualist movement goes back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Those church groups are still quite active today, and the members truly believe they are communicating with "the dead".

Out Of Thin Air.

One Sunday morning I drove to a Spiritualist meeting in a small city in a neighboring state. The Church was in a side street of an old part of this town. Only a few cars were parked in the street, and there was not a soul in sight.

I parked my vehicle about 50 feet from the Church. I appeared to have arrived somewhat late, and I was the only one still parking my car.

As I walked towards the church with perhaps just fifteen feet to go, an older man suddenly appeared beside me. He had not previously been on the street, and the few cars that were parked there had been empty. And, besides, I heard no car door open or close. Also, no other cars had arrived since I parked mine.

It was as if the old man had materialized out of thin air.

He spoke to me without introduction or context, and as if he knew me quite well. Referring to ‘another man’, he said, "He went up to a mount, taking others with Him, and then he appeared in six different places at the same time."

The old man gesticulated in a way that made me believe he had actually been at that mount and witnessed all he was now passing on to me.

A Vanishing Act.

When we reached the steps of the Church, this mysterious man told me to go in first. I went into the church and I promptly forgot all about him having been there with me.

There were less than ten people attending the service. After the service there was a luncheon, and I noticed that the old man was not at the luncheon. I asked everyone, "Where is the old man?"

The minister answered me, saying there had been no old man at the service. The looks on her face told me that she might surely have known I had met up with "an Invisible One."

Sudden Confirmation.

A little later during that year I found the Urantia book, and then, instantly, I "simply knew" that the old man’s story had been about Jesus going up to that mount, and that His disciples had there witnessed what might well have been a form of ‘bi-location’ phenomenon.

Blessings… R.

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