Sweet Tricks.


From the desk of George Barnard - July 8, 2003

On Thursday, July 3, 2003, Paula asked, "Do midwayers play sweet tricks on us? The oddest thing has happened . . . twice!"

"The first time it occurred was about three years ago, and it just happened again late this evening. I was working at my desk at home when the telephone rang. It rang just once, and only briefly. I thought it was rather late for a telephone call, and since we’ve been having a bit of phone line trouble of late, I thought it might just have been another momentary disturbance on the line.

"I answered it anyway, and at first I heard nothing. After a couple seconds I heard my best friend, M.J. She and I have known each other practically since birth. She is in Destin this evening, 150 miles away. She said, ‘Hello, who is this?’ I told her, ‘Paula,’ and then I mentioned the short ring when she called.

"She said she didn't call me! She had answered her cell phone because it rang!

"I asked if maybe she could have knocked it and hit my pre-programmed number, but she said it had just been sitting on the other end of the table. That’s just like my phone was sitting on the corner of my desk. And besides, it has no pre-programmed numbers at all.

"We couldn't believe it had happened again! The very same thing occurred a few years ago, when she was attending a concert in Pensacola and I was at home in Tallahassee. Each of our phones rang, but neither of us had dialed any number! At the time, we tried to figure it all out. We just couldn’t. I even inquired at the telephone company, but they had no answers at all.

"When it happened again this evening, I was amused but mystified, and as I hung up I asked out loud, ‘How could this happen?’ I immediately looked up at my computer and my eyes landed on the little clock in the bottom corner just as it turned to 11:11. Ah ha! I have my answer! It was a midwayer, or two, just having a bit of fun with two old friends.

"Honestly, George, I can think of no other explanation. So, what do you think? Could it be? I would like to hear your ideas on this.

The resounding answer is, "You bet ye!"

They do have fun during the few hours out of 24 each day that are set aside for worship and harmless tricks. Understandably, they are fond of electrical gadgets, to give you an occasional ‘pleasant shock.’ It happens here, and for me it usually means that an important post has arrived at the Aspire server.

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