The Trance State 2.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Even to this day, the “trance state” is much misunderstood. Most Psych Hygiene Professionals will simply tell us the trance state is an altered state of consciousness. Since they cannot really tell us what our consciousness is altered from (or how it is changed to be what it now is), most of us tend to be little the wiser after that explanation.

This writing is aimed at providing some information -- throw some light on -- the much-misunderstood subject. It will hardly explain all.

These are only personal experiences… or opinions.

Applying a Little Logic

On a normal planet the races would probably have a greater percentage of Adamic blood. Most likely, they would also be better able to discern the Midwayers – both Primary and Secondary. The people would all know about the Midwayers. To learn to see Midwayers on planet Urantia, logically, “takes a little doing”. Barnard found the somnambulistic state (a near-death trance) to be the ideal way of looking at and listening to his Midwayer Buddies.

In the early seventies, some time after Barnard had learned the Midwayers were not simply the souls (or ghosts) of those who had accidentally misplaced their physical bodies, it was time for him to learn more. Many of his patients reported meeting up with a doctor, a kind and clever man, who spoke very highly of the clinical hypnotherapist. The doctor with Spanish accent was finally discovered to be Dr. Mendoza, or MNO-8, a Midwayer who materialized in two nearby hospitals and blatantly used hypnosis as he visited the desperate and distressed whilst ambling through the wards. He and his mortal associate/student both used hypnosis.

Mendoza’s patients, mostly those who had tried to end their lives, or were at serious risk, would, mostly, but not always, have a choice about being treated by him. If they were “needed in the mosaic of their environment” -- “essential to the associates of their milieu” -- MNO-8 would hypnotize them without their permission, and, sooner or later the treatment would be continued in Barnard’s clinic, and with the mortal doing most of the healing from that point on.

The “Spirit Guardians” were reliable, and ethical in their ways -- “all ways vouched for by their Seraphic Associates”, as they once claimed. To Barnard they proved time and again that they were truthful and honest, and the mortal, too, began to feel better about using hypnosis. He became a specialist in visualization techniques of all kinds – the very methods the 1,111 employed when they worked with the apprentice of their Australian Emergency Mission Platoon.

Bzutu (ABC-22), Dr. Mendoza, and even the Midway Messenger, Simone, were Barnard’s colleagues. All these healers induced “altered states of mind”.

They induced the Trance State, and the Seraphim approved of their doings.

Prior to the Celestial Teachers

Today’s TRs can comfortably function in Alpha – the state in which the predominant brain waves register at a rate of between 7 and 14 cycles per second. With more and more circuits being reinstalled, there should never again be a reduction in the number of TRs on Urantia of Nebadon.

A situation such as existed at the time of the last of the Greek oracles (as the Primary Midwayer, Andrea reports), is unlikely in the future. It was a time of ever fewer “sensitives” to chat with the Midwayers. But prior to the reinstallation of the circuits, TRing needed a greater depth of trance.

During the seventies and eighties, the therapist, Barnard, invariably reached Theta (3.5 to 7 cycles per second approximately), more often Delta (0.25 to 3.5 cycles per second approximately). His speech would be flowing fast. There would be little realization of the passing of time. There would also be scant, if any, recall of what he had told his patient. But more importantly, much of the TRing would deal with future events, and it would eventually prove to be very accurate. Therefore it was appropriately classed as being prophetic in nature.

Delta is simply another word for Deep Mind. Delta, when consciously triggered during ongoing wakefulness, is emulating the brainwave patterns normally produced in “that domain of sleep”, and when the Thought Adjuster is most active. Therefore, Delta TRing would be expected to contain a greater than average amount of Thought Adjuster input – Stillness plus – another altered state of consciousness -- another Trance State.

A Fallacy

In an earlier segment of this writing it states: “The eminent Midwayer Specialist would often be there to help induce hypnosis. Mendoza is an expert at producing an altered state of consciousness – the Trance State.”

This is a misstatement.

People cannot be hypnotized. Involved in clinical hypnotherapy for well over thirty years Barnard has yet to induce hypnosis in someone for the very first time. There is no such thing as hetero-hypnosis. It is all self-hypnosis. The state of mind, the level of relaxation, the depth of Stillness, or extent of the Trance State attained by anyone is in direct relationship to his/her own ability, expectation, and enthusiasm to reach that goal of ultimate tranquility. But admittedly, the therapist’s skills in leading the patient (subject) into the trance are important.

No Discernable Difference

Professor Dr. Edward Willis, lecturer in psychology, and a brother to Pascal, Whitman, and Yepes, told his classes:
“Consider the importance of sleep. If “Sapiens” needed no sleep, there would have never been those “stolen hours” in which to plan the rebellion of long ago. Mankind would still be shackled to the below-deck’s benches of the triremes of war, or be forever tied to the outer frames of the water-lifting treadmills -- mankind would still be in slavery. That is not my guess. That is a certainty, verily. Sleep is important, and it’s a trance.” He once said, “Consider, now. If we did not know how to sleep, we probably would have never learned how to meditate.”

The subject of sleep was an important aspect of this enlightened one’s teaching psychology, and the ‘laboratory rats’ were his own students. He taught much about the various levels of brain activity – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta – and the states of mind that go with it.

We found the brain activity of our sleeping “lab rats” to be far over 90% of the normal activity of wakefulness. There was also no discernible difference in brain activity between sleep and meditation – the Trance State.

Sleep, as a Trance State, is greatly recommended.

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