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Part 3 – Celestial Intervention

What A Strange Thing To Say!

Some ‘opportunists’ Celestials will never cease to amaze us.

In a recent transmission, Cherubim “I’ll be Frank” made the following comment: “…we, the lowest of the lowest of Her angel creations on a long-term mission to study the Urantia mind [See notes 1], share our reports and analyses in ‘centuplicate’, to pass these onto those higher up in the chain in command, and for these unique dissertations to then be filed away in the back of drawers, and for them to never see daylight again…”

It seemed a strange thing for him to say, but he said it.

“I’ll be Frank’s” somewhat occasional comments are ALWAYS published, thus he had no bone to pick with me. I guessed he was just joking.

He wasn’t.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, lives Gerdean O’Dell Bowen, who has reams and reams of valuable teacher lessons from Morontia Cherubim, “What about Bob” and his consort, Sanobim, “Lady”.

But it could well take a lifetime of tapping away at the computer to distribute all the work of these smart and ‘hyperactive’ little angels — an awesome task.

Gerdean picked up on “I’ll be Frank’s” little transmit.

Here is mere snippet of text, taken from her lengthy 3,800-word transmission.

Celestial Intervention.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, US of A, April 16, 2003

Cherubim, “What About Bob?”

Subject: “Celestial Intervention”

Received by Gerdean Bowen

Cherubim Bob: “What about Bob?”

“I’ll take you on a trip, if you will — an allegory. There are parents here on this world, in your society, even in your culture and your background, who had certain values and they upheld them through parental intervention. If, for example, your father caught you smoking behind the shed, he might intervene and spank your bottom, which would discourage you from doing it again.

“But other cultures, and other value levels of human reality may have it that the father introduces the son to smoking as a sacred event. Or there may be the value level that exists where the kid takes up cigarettes and bums them from the folks, and they wouldn’t think of intervening, since that’s just how it is.

“In the greater universe there are worlds that can be compared to these scenarios, these mortal allegories. There are also worlds sufficiently advanced that intervention would be manageable through family values. There even are worlds that have no need for intervention at all, for no one goes that far astray.

“And then there are worlds like this one, decimal planets, experimental like this world. Their parameters are perhaps greater because they are not the control group. In fact, they may go “out of control” in the course of ascertaining the degree to which the violations against civility or spirituality can go. And because of the nature of the family environment, the home environment, they wouldn’t think of intervening with your right to rebel, default, go to war, or make a choice to follow the divine will. That’s a unique and original situation, and you are in the thick of it.

“On more advanced worlds you might sit around the table in the evening with your siblings and learn about the cosmos. That entire heritage was lost on this planet, just as Iraq has just lost its history. And the effects of that cause are long lasting. We are not talking about generations, even ten, but millennia [See notes 2].

“In an example of intervening on behalf of an individual who is, let’s say, an alcoholic who is not ready to quit drinking, intervention will do no good whatsoever. It only makes the alcoholic ‘more clever’, more conniving, in order to get the drink he or she craves. The same is true for a drug addict. They merely become ‘more clever’ at manipulation and control through your weaknesses.

“These conditions are not unnatural. Other worlds, even other normal worlds, go through evolution wherein the more primitive of humanity experiment with intoxicants, hallucinogens, opiates and the like, and some of them fall victim, but your percentage here may be somewhat greater because of your flawed physical development; and your moral structure has certainly been affected by the downfall of civilization in the beginning.

And yet if you had been born on a planet that was relatively settled in light and life, you would not have these early struggles of human development to deal with. You would enjoy evolved civil behaviors; your world would be beyond these savage ways. You would not need to intervene in your children’s drinking or drugging for they would have no desire to rebel against authority, or seek another reality or an escape route from their existence.

“These hardships are unique to a planet like Urantia, which is why we look at your world and get an itch to ‘get in there, and do something’ because the need is so great, so obvious, there is so much to be done. And so, the likes of us constitute your ‘Celestial Intervention’.

Your Celestial Teachers are your Intervention. Correcting Time is your Intervention. Urantia Papers are the keyholes through which you can peek and see another world beyond, and each of you have that key. Some of you have no idea how to use that key, but the Teachers will help you find the key. They will lift you up so that you can unlock the door and then hold your hand as you go into the arena in which you live in full consciousness. This is where we are now.

There has been an Intervention — a major Intervention — and what you see happening abroad is no more than history repeating itself, empires rising and falling in the nature of human evolution and in the evolution of government. There will not be a global government until they can come together, and they cannot come together until they have found unity of purpose, and they will not find unity of purpose until God enters the picture.

“And God will not enter the picture until they can set aside, first, the belief that they are God themselves, and second, that their God is better than the others. This is all part of the normal and natural evolution of any world.

“Your fight is the fight of faith. Not only to maintain your own faith in times of sorrow, in times of stress, in times of duress, in times of grief. But also the “good fight of faith” for each other, for your world, for your destiny as a planet, and for light and life that will come about eventually even though you cannot see it and you are therefore impatient.

Leave it to the Ministering Hosts of Space to oversee the destiny of Urantia. You undertake the responsibilities of today and work with what you have to work with, and this will contribute to the unfolding of the flower that Urantia is destined to become, because it is the birthplace of Jesus, the seventh bestowal of the Master Son of this universe. He will not let it go by default.

“This is the fight you have: to uphold in yourself this reality and this perspective. Guard against those who would undermine your strength and tear you down with them, as they revel and delight in escaping from the rigors of the farther view.

“I hope this gives you a better perspective on Intervention. Ask and you shall receive. You have an opportunity to be of service, certainly, as you look around for ways in which you may help your brother stay afloat, how you can keep him from going down the third time, or even meandering too far astray, and in that way God is intervening through you. You are the arms and legs, the eyes and the ears of the Master.

[ Note 1]: “Urantia” is the name of this Earth. It is number 606 in the local system — a decimal and experimental world (as are numbers 586, 596, 616, etc.). Our brain development is ‘uniquely unprogressive’, and some Morontia Cherubim study the differences in how the ‘standard mind’ impacts on our rather unusual Urantia cerebral developments, which vary even among races.

[ Note 2]: Urantia suffered from three major setbacks; (1) the Lucifer rebellion, (2) the betrayal of the Planetary Prince (a Celestial), and (3) the default of Adam and Eve, from whom we received only minor genetic ‘uplift’.

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