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Part 2 – Be The Best You Can Be

A Quantum Leap In Acceptance

In our ability to associate with the often-unseen species of a vastly different kind – creations of the Father, nevertheless – we produce within ourselves a soul growth that is almost unequalled in the universes.

By mixing it with such creatures as Cherubim, Seraphim, ascended mortals, and Midwayers, and accepting as true friends these eminent teachers and guides, we become different persons, capable of great love towards our celestial benefactors, and by extension to our fellow man in his seemingly endless earthly sufferings.

We have made a quantum leap in our acceptance of universal citizenship.

Such a long-time associate of the ‘supernals’ is Gerdean O’Dell Bowen. For many decades she has chatted with Midwayers Jack and Gorman, Teacher Tomas – the ever-alert opportunist of the celestial realm – many others, as well as two learned Cherubim.

They are businesslike “What About Bob!” and his gentle Sanobim consort, “Lady”, and in this mere snippet of text, taken from a lengthy 3,800-word transmission, the ‘rapid-fire’ Cherubim deals with being the best you can be at a time of war.

This personal transmission contains some good advice for many.

“Behold The Man.”

Albuquerque, New Mexico, US of A, April 16, 2003

Cherubim, “What About Bob!”

Received by Gerdean Bowen

“Under the present stressful circumstances, how is it possible for you to be the best that you can be? When you are harassed, dismayed, or vulnerable? I don’t believe Lady and I have ever encouraged you to be something other than who you are.

“In the past we have talked about playing a role, in terms of staging, in terms of portraying a value, but while that can be entertaining and effective, it has never been our primary focus, and while in time it is true you will attain a higher degree of perfection than you know now, you are able to recognize innately, that inasmuch as if you are able to become more perfect, that at this moment you are less perfect, therefore, imperfect. And imperfect is not without value.

“Value comes in all shapes and sizes and colors, as you are aware by your friends who are an assortment of shapes and sizes and colors. There is no qualification for religionists to be manikins or models of perfection.

“This week in your Christian heritage, you celebrate the triumphant ride into Jerusalem, which was the beginning of the end of the dispensation. Jesus suffered, for instance, at his hour of humiliation. How could you think he was portraying the best he could be when he was beaten, and bloody?

“His value was attacked, but, ‘Behold the man!’, the inner man, who had his wits about him, who was able to reply to his accuser on behalf of Our Father. It that is all you can do, that is all that is necessary. If you uphold your core, your fiber, your soul, your self as a son of God intact, it will not matter if you make typing mistakes, if you have flatulence, if you fall, if you do anything wrong.

“All men do things wrong, and still all men have value. ‘Who among you would accuse me of sin? Who among you would cast the first stone?’ And he upset the tables at the temple! Throwing the moneychangers into disarray, releasing the animals and wrecking havoc, mayhem, on the steps of the temple. Would you say that his behavior was less than it should have been?

“Can you say that he was less than he could be? He WAS the best that he could be, and again, he felt his feelings in harmony with his relationship with his Parent, his Father, who upheld him, who said to him, ‘Behold my son, in whom I am well pleased!’ and it is conveyed to you in every manner possible, that this mortal lived the perfect life.

“And yet, he was not a powerful politician. He was not inordinately wealthy, he was not prosperous in the classic sense, he did not have a beautiful wife, and a glamorous mistress. He did not even have children that he could pass on the family name through. He was the finest human being that ever lived!

“I have to convey to you that you, too, can be fine, even as you manifest your humanness, if you are in conscious contact and are doing this in relationship with Father. He was a man among men. He was only Michael after he resurrected.

“What an imperative time to experience Easter in your stage of melodrama on Urantia (this world) today. Jesus will not go unnoticed around the world. And Jesus will appear to and be a part of the religious life of the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jews, and the Sikhs, world over.

“The spirit of Jesus will touch those who open themselves to God. Those who open themselves to Jesus will hear, feel, and see Jesus, and His reality is great enough and enduring enough to diminish the importance of the church, and the Christian play that is being dramatized in the religious sectors of this global conflict.

“Those with eyes to see will see the sham. And those who see with eyes to see will celebrate the resurrection; recognize the truth and the light and the folly of men, even those who are key players. God will not be overlooked. And you may wear that as your armor and be the best you can be.

“Well, then, what else is on your agenda?

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Gerdean Bowen is the author of “The Zooid Mission.” Details of her inspired writings can be found on her web site zooidmission.com

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