Being Responsible For Freedom.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

A Middleweight Politician

Should he have lived, today, May 3rd, 2003, would have been his one hundredth birthday, but he left us all for better realms some forty years ago.

He was a tall, likable man, well versed in the knowledge of psychology of the day. A ‘political animal’ at age twenty-one, no sooner did he perceive someone in need, or he went into action, and without expecting favors in return. He drew people to himself like no other I knew, and organized them into action for the greater good of all.

The bitter experience of German occupation of his lands was often not far from his middleweight political mind.

WW II was a great teaching experience for him.

“…Slavery, The Rule”

In the mid-fifties, he made a remark to the members of his family – a remark I well remember.

“It’s late,” he said. “Midnight, and we all should call it a day. We should thank God for our energy in the morning, our tiredness at night, and the need for sleep.”

He waited for his night-owl kids to prick up their ears, and then he went on.

“Just as soon as the people on this earth learned to cook their food over a fire, some began to think about controlling the destiny of all -- just some of them did, mind you. By far the majority was too mentally lazy to set their brains in motion, and they wanted the ‘wise guys’ to do all their thinking for them.

“Voilà, slavery was born. It came and went, but most of the time it was chronically there. It was the rule, not the exception. And then some other smart guys, dog tired of a day’s slaving for their masters, still stayed up late, just like us, and they conspired to have a revolution instead of a good night’s sleep.

“And there was freedom and democracy, and the freedom fighters became the new leaders. For a time they were, at least, until they forgot their mission in life, and again became the masters.”

“It Could Be Yours”

He carried on, “If the span of human life on this earth could be condensed to just twenty four hours, we just got rid of our German slave masters eight years ago – but that is just a second before midnight, comparatively speaking. We all just enjoyed a mere second of absolute freedom.

“And within the next minute, some leaders will conspire to turn us all into slaves again. Oh, yes! True! I rub shoulders with them almost every day.

“The task of retaining your freedom is yours alone. You must vote at each election, and make sure you vote for the right man or woman. Your voice is essential, because one single vote could tip the balance in favor of freedom, instead of for slavery, and that single vote could well be yours.

“We are all individually responsible for the preservation of our freedom. And now it’s after midnight. Good night all.”

In the last few months his long ago musings have taken on some awesome dimensions for me. God bless… George.

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