The Calcium Theory – “Memory Set In Stone”.


From the desk of George Barnard

There were a number of occurrences, and over a number of years, that led me to believe “Universal Administration” functions at all levels -- right down to the (personal) biological level. It involves calcium and the cerebral neurons responsible for long-term memory.

Confirmation of this theory was already sought after some years ago. Only recently was this theory (and 2 other theories) confirmed whilst I visited the US of A in 2000. A fourth theory was deemed to be “such a long way off the mark,” as to be worthless, though new insights were obtained by the writer. A fifth and sixth were close to the money.

A Brief Background:

How our Cerebral Neurons Function.

A cerebral neuron, when at rest, resembles an enclosed, microscopic freshwater lake, surrounded by cerebral fluid which resembles a “salty ocean” at ready to equalize the chemical balance between the outside and the inside of the neuron.

In order for chemical action within the neuron to produce an electric charge that rushes down the axon to the synapse and through to associated neurons of the “cerebral workgroup,” a sufficient number of dendrites must be activated by a “message” of sound, vision, smell, taste, touch, heat, or even the receipt of psychic data.

Such an incoming message (if distinct enough) will trigger the “all-or-nothing firing threshold” of the neuron(s). If the message is indeed powerful enough, the “neuron gates” open up, and the chemical soup rushes in. It is then the neuron “battery” can send a sufficiently powerful spark down the axon -- the “electrical wire” -- to the synapse.

Thus, cerebral function is constantly alternating between chemical and electrical activity, but the neuron must instantly recuperate to “recreate its enclosed freshwater lake” and be able to fire again. It does this by exuding the chemical content through its neuron pumps in much the same way as a mangrove tree exudes salt from its system through its air-roots and/or leaves, and therewith desalinating the water inside its structure.

Of the chemicals exuded, sodium is the main constituent. There are a number of other elements. Calcium, too, enters the gates of the neuron, but calcium is not pumped out at the same rate it enters. Some of it (a fraction of the total) stays behind, and yet, this inert element does not act as a pollutant as one might suspect.

Over a period of time, it attaches itself to the inside of the neuron wall in a mosaic-like, crystaline pattern. The mind is able to “read” this pattern. It is our “Memory Set In Stone”.

I long suspected this to be the case, but the theory depended on two other assumptions; (a) that the mind has an actual, other-dimensional, anatomical structure (which is rather presumptuous), (b) that a state of relaxation lowers the all-or-nothing firing threshold of the neurons (cerebral neurons included) for this stone mosaic to be more accurately "read".

The Hypothesis:

It is theorized that a sufficient calcium supply in our diet is essential to memory retention, and more so at both a pre-natal and post-natal stage… these early years. It may well be that a neuron intake of calcium is limited to the very smallest of particles at that early age, as the neurons of the human fetus as well as those of the new-born child are incapable of “digesting” the larger calcium particles.


I needed to confirm the theory, and made my requests. Long before I departed for the USA in 2000, the Life Carrier, Orion, turned up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, at a Teaching Mission gathering. I got word from Machiventa that Orion would be available to answer my questions on this matter and other matters. Then I got confirmation in the United States that Orion would be there to talk with me through a T/R more capable than I am, since I tend to only function in this way in rare emergencies, and have little of what one might call “social contact” with Celestials.

Below follows a part of the transcript of the October 1, 2000, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho meeting with the following Celestial Teachers: Elyon, Unidentified, Tomas, Timothy, Orion. T/R (Transmitter/Receiver): Jonathan.

Frosty: I'd like to say hi to Olin, my buddy.

* Orion: It is received and returned.

George: In developing the life form on Urantia (this planet), I'm almost convinced; you didn't overlook calcium, like sodium, as a necessary aspect of the neuron function, and specifically as the biological aspect of memory. Am I correct?

* Orion: After working through Jonathan's “osteoparalysis” (the Celestial is joking. He is referring to Jonathan’s apprehension about T/Ring technical information), I would return the answer: Yes.

(snip) See footnotes.

George: Thank you, Orion. Will we meet up again?

* Orion: Most certainly. I have boasted to some extent over the accomplishment of the development of brain, but I must temper that with the comment that the purpose for such a development was in order to receive our Mother's mindal implacements and all of that for the purpose of receiving the Paradise Father's Bestowal Gift, and that is the single focus for our corps.

Though we love to develop life in many ways, our main goal is to have standing upon a terrestrial abode creatures like yourselves who house the presence of God.

The “Occurrences.”

(1) The Twins.

There is a record in my practice of identical twin boys, unloved, unwanted by their severely distressed mother. Against my advice, one of the boys was put up for adoption, much loved by his adoptive family, and raised on “formulated” milk. The other boy, was kept and breastfed by the mother, but barely cared for.

We are now 18 plus years down the track, and the IQ test of the boy that was adopted by foster parents is significantly below that of his twin. One would expect the reverse to be the case due to the nurture element. It puzzled me, and I stored it in memory. This seeming enigma may be indicative, but hardly conclusive, of the adopted child’s memory retention being below that of his naturally raised identical twin, and this may well be due to the variation of calcium particle size between the calcium in breast milk and milk formula, although there may be many other factors.

(2) The Precocious Child.

Back in the Australian summer of 1992 – 1993, an identified Celestial (avatar or Melchizedek) sent me to the mother of a very precocious child, born on that day. The list of predictions for that child’s future was lengthy. It included the advice the child was to be breastfed for a prolonged period. The mother’s instinctive response: “I will have to take calcium tablets.”

(3) The Absentminded Lecturer.

Back in my University lectures during 1995 to 1997, one of our psych lecturers digressed to the point of distressing himself about falling behind in his part of the overall curriculum. He had talked in great detail about calcium retention by the cerebral neurons. It wasn’t to have been part of his lecture, part of the curriculum, or part of the upcoming exams. It simply didn’t belong -- a waste of time -- and was of no one’s interest but mine, since there were Midwayers visibly present, directing the lecturer.

(4) The Urantia Papers.

In the early summer of 1997, and by chance, coincidence, or guidance, I discovered the extensive, channeled Urantia Papers. Shortly after, I found paper 41, Physical Aspects of the Local Universe, Page 461, Calcium -- The Wanderer of Space.

…it (the mutilated remnant of solar calcium) engages in a masterful act of juggling the nineteenth electron back and forth between the nineteenth and twentieth circuits of electronic revolution. By tossing this nineteenth electron back and forth between its own orbit and that of its lost companion more than twenty-five thousand times per second, a mutilated stone atom is able partially to defy gravity and thus successfully to ride the emerging (solar) streams of light and energy, the sunbeams, to liberty and adventure.

My theory of the anatomy of the “Progressive, and Interactively Segmented” human mind made it necessary for that mind to have a “Biological Anchor Point or Library.” The microscopic calcium crystals appear to function like resonators of a kind.

This theory led to the search of what aspects of the neurons change as long-term memory increases… what allows a person to remember almost anything in a trance… why Celestials are limited to the use of a psychic’s own vocabulary, yet use up to the four languages when these are known to their mortal T/R.

Notes: Other theories were dealt with at this meeting. The Anatomy of the Human Mind, the “Extra Mind Endowment” of the Spiritually Enlightened, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (and at a later meeting), Schizophrenia.

George Barnard has a background in Business Management and Organizational, Normal and Abnormal Psychology. At his "Spirit Guardians' instructions" he became a Therapist, Psychic Healer and Writer, and he teaches Remote Viewing. His contact with Celestials is more visual, rather than audible.

He retired from his manufacturing business and other interests in 1995, and presently he manages 11.11 Publishers Pty Ltd of Australia.

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