In Hindsight.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Yeah right, if only…

“If only I had listened to my parents, my older siblings, my kid sister -- smart little Jéjé, most of all -- my schoolteachers. If only I had listened to my Spirit Guardians, my Celestial Teachers. If only . . .”

Many of us can readily think of a dozen of those “if only” circumstances or opportunities that could have had a major impact on our lives. We let some of them slip away, but we would not have done so if we would have had trust in our intuitive abilities, confidence in our talents, faith in our spiritual wakefulness. Belief in our fate? Perhaps. But let us here add; reliance on our convictions that our Celestial Teachers are for real, and their having access to a magnificent “library of information” – some of it dealing with the future.

But we all let some of our opportunities go to waste, because we’re human. Chances are, we will do so again. I can think of some that slipped away in the past.

Yeah right, if only . . .

You’re on the Record . . .

In November of 2000 the Celestial Teacher, Abraham, told me in Salt Lake City that I was on the record of having TRed (channeled) before. That was news to me. I was aware of the process called channeling, though I named it prophecy, and rightly so, since it almost inevitably contained many reliable ‘facts of the future’.

These channeling episodes were many, and almost always in a clinical setting with suicidal, or deeply depressed patients present. I did not trust the typical TeaM brand of the receiving/transmitting process, since it is largely done in Alpha – at around twelve cycles per second. What I did was in Delta, or Deep Mind, where the conscious mind is almost entirely ‘turned out to pasture’. On occasions, I still battle with this ‘new’ high-level channeling today.

Abraham also told me to keep a tape recorder handy, since he was obviously sure I would be channeling in Alpha, and at some time in the future. He did not differentiate between the two vastly dissimilar levels of mind.

A Startling Order From Michael.

Early in 2001, when Midwayer Gorman was between jobs and given some free time, he came to visit me in Toormina, Australia. One might say that I momentarily channeled Gorman, but soon we both burst out laughing, and that was the end of that session. It was fun, but it didn’t last. And, of course, it was not recorded.

Then in May of 2001 Sandy Montee came to Australia, and she readily transmitted in Alpha. On occasions she would transmit Michael, and I was there when Michael told her to transmit, type out the transcript, and give it to me to edit.

He added, that after my editing HIS words, they would still be HIS words.

Neither Sandy nor I felt confidant about that transmission. Sure enough, Michael had come through. That was the Master, no doubt, but we didn’t trust the message as having come from him in just that way – not with that exact meaning.

One simply does not edit any Teacher’s lessons, least of all Michael’s words. We were in a quandary as to what to do with that transmission.

Of course, it was never transcribed. Eventually it got taped over, and it was lost like so many others were lost in the past.

The Ramifications of 9/11.

There was another lengthy transmission that never did get typed out either. From memory it was Machiventa Melchizedek who came through first, then Primary Midwayer, Andréa took over as the main contact.

This was an extensive visual and audible transmission. In it we watched an Afghan family of six sitting in the dust, and leaning against a windowless wall of a large building. They were safely inside the Pakistani border, but only just. They had no food, no water. They were dusty and dirty.

The mother was holding a tiny infant, and Sandy and I watched that baby take its last breath there and then. We wondered about the meaning of it, but Andréa assured us it would become clear to us in the future.

Sandy and I theorized about it having been symbolic in nature. Our friend, Nadine, was pregnant and in great difficulty. So was her unborn child, because it shared the womb with a non-malignant growth as large as the baby itself. We were rightfully concerned for the life of both, mother and child.

But that vision was in July of 2001!

The exodus of Afghan people from their towns, villages and homes was not yet a reality, for 9/11 had not yet happened.

In hindsight, that prophetic audible/visual transmission should have been transcribed.

A Very Real Fright.

Some three months ago, Sandy learned that she might have a very serious illness. Some likely rogue cells were discovered, and understandably, it greatly bothered both of us. These kinds of constant, nagging worries can play havoc with the emotions of the channeler, and one must make allowances for the work to reflect a troubled state of mind.

It is here where Michael’s words – Michael’s prophetic words – were finally understood. It is here where we both finally comprehended the unique function of Midwayers Mathew and Clare.

Whilst shy and loving little Clare is still with Sandy in Idaho, the rather boisterous Mathew is with me in Australia. He lets me know when there is a transcript on the way. I pull in the mail, and together we format the work and pull out the kinks until Machiventa approves of the lesson from beginning to end.

And he tells me it has been done before in this universe.

A Happy Ending.

Sandy is fine. She has undergone an operation that could have found endless mischief, and that could have spelled the beginning of a lengthy, worrisome time for us all in this 11:11 platoon of warriors.

All throughout these last three months, the Midwayers have performed admirably to communicate halfway round the globe the transmissions’ meanings and values that have been evident in these most trying times for the entire 11:11 group.

For all in this group, the pressure has been enormous, the relief is simply great. And we have all come away with a greater understanding of how this long-lived Midwayer pair from another world has functioned for millennia in absolute unison in their ability to exchange data and communicate at speed and with great accuracy. We are proud to be a part of their organization.

In hindsight, they ARE HIS words, for we are all HIS children.

I’m George Barnard – a happy man.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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