Editing For The Correcting Time – A Challenge.


From the Desk of George Barnard

Celestial Contributions in Literary Publication.

From this point in time until we possess more plow shears than swords and onto Light and Life, there will be an ever-increasing number of channelers and inspired writers. Our psychic links with the spiritual world are strengthening, but they are tender, still.

They will vary, too, from individual to individual, from day to day, from moment to moment, but our Celestial Teachers will always provide their input in such a way that the end product – transcript of session or inspired writing – inevitably becomes a blend of what both human and Celestial minds contribute.

At times the connection can be so weak, one battles from moment to moment to lock onto “the inspiration flow”. On other occasions, it seems that all is recorded or written, and we are hardly even aware of either the substance, or purpose, of the lengthy essay that was completed just moments ago, and we are often unaware of how much time has passed.

It Shows We Are Only Human.

There are instances all channelers are aware of, when a word is recorded that is totally out of place. For perhaps a second or less, the busy conscious mind has intruded and blocked the open channel to the Spiritual Teacher. The word is wrong, perhaps only “not quite right”, and a split second later the correct word is grasped with ease.

It is there, but what is said cannot be un-said.

And perhaps that word should later be corrected, perhaps not. A vague, fleeting feeling will always surface – “I’ll have to watch that one, and not miss it in the typing”.

We are only human. Our channeling and inspired writing is only perfect to a degree, imperfect still in many ways.

Fixing Damaged Goods.

It happens to me more often than I wished it would that I catch myself out during a transmission, and I know that in this I'm not alone. And by the time I type out the recording, I might still at first miss that out-of-place word, to be prompted by an ever-alert Midwayer to change that ‘approximate remark’ for the intended one I caught up with one moment later, unable to un-say what had already been said.

It is called editing – a troubling job even to replace one word. I hate having to do it without Midwayer help, but I suppose it's OK, and comforting with their assistance. The transcripts and writings are added to the growing archives, and yet, in some way, they remain somewhat damaged goods to my mind.

They are less than perfect, less than spontaneous, although they retain much of the essence of the collaboration between the Celestial, and their human friend and teaching instrument. Damaged goods or not, to the inspired and sensitive reader they will bring more than faint glimpses of that stirring moment of a meeting of minds.

To the writer/channeler it’s always a good feeling if he or she need not edit anything.

The transcript kind of speaks to you, saying, “What you see is what you got. You might well have been talking to your big toe, your crooked thumb, or your inverted navel, but that's what you got."

If you are anything like a perfectionist, editing just one word out of two or three hundred kind of spoils the transcript of that transmission forever. We are, after all, not just channeling our Celestial Friends for ourselves, our family, or even the wider community. According to our Teachers, we are the vanguard of what is to come, and our work of today will be there for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. They are the generations to come that will really count as “targets” of the patient Celestials.

Wholesale Slashing Of The Text.

Not everyone will be channeling in the immediate future. Not everyone seems to have the capacity to do this, the will, the drive, the background or upbringing, the genetic traits. Surprisingly in my travels, I found a disproportionate number of channelers to have some mild or even severe form of thyroid irregularity – over-active or under-active – although they were insufficient numbers to do a meaningful statistical study.

But undoubtedly it takes courage to open your mouth and start channeling, and never being one hundred percent sure if it will be “great stuff” you will get, or a reminder to feed your pet goldfish. And whatever else it takes; it takes talent – innate or acquired.

The end result is a writing or transcript that has flavor, and the flavor is a distinct blend of the down-to-earth human, and that of a much higher order of mind.

We have a responsibility to keep that flavor bottled up and well preserved in the text of our writing and transcripts. We cannot afford to have the ‘professional editors’ slash away at these texts, no more than we can let a housepainter loose on the cave paintings of Lascaux or Ardèche.

No more than we can let anyone with a jackhammer near the Tah Mahal.

The more advanced who come after us are entitled to discern the total flavor of Celestial contributions of long-ago twenty-first century’s literary publications. As well, they are entitled to taste our primitive input, as we once understood truth, beauty and goodness in the early days of the Correcting Time.

We are only human. Our channeling and inspired writings are only perfect to a degree, imperfect still in many ways, but they have their flavor. And editing for the Correcting Time is a challenge for itchy-fingered editors, who way back then, as even today, would happily slash away at Lucius, Dante and Homer – greedily spoil all timeframes and ethnic flavors.

It’s just a small thought.

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