Kids and Drugs.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

In Machiventa Talks of July 13, 2002 (Drugs and Children), the Planetary Prince makes the suggestion:

"We must be aware of this, and do what we can to stop a deadly ring of dealers, who are destroying the minds of young children."

From a Spanish 11:11 Progress List subscriber comes the following message:

Buenos Dias amigos,

The translation talks about children and drugs, a very real and sad history. As Urantians, what can we do? In México we have these same problems and I have (he talks here of his teen-age children). I am very concerned. Could you ask George is there is some "secret formula" so that our children don't succumb to drugs? Saludos amigos… M. D.

The above request from M. D. is hardly the only one to filter into this office since the Machiventa transmission was published.

I invite other subscribers to post their take on, their suggestions for, and experiences with, Kids and Drugs to George Barnard for posting to the 11:11 Lists.

Apart from describing what my involvement was with "Kids and Drugs", I'm counting on input from some of the hundreds of friends that are receiving Machiventa's "gems of messages", our Midwayers' input, etc., for I have no "secret formula", or "magic bullet" dealing with drug prevention.

From about 1982 until the middle 1990s, I taught Humm-Wadsworth Psychology at two high schools in my region. The Humm-Wadsworth approach is "psychology simplified", and it allows an entirely unprepared teenage mind to quickly understand the student's own many talents and weaker sides.

An understanding of peer pressure and how a particular individual could fall for that peer pressure was part of these lectures -- just one hour each, on two consecutive days, taught them a greater realization of self. In short, it also improved children's awareness of drugs and the danger of befriending dealers.

It was the students' new awareness of the pitfalls of peer pressure that reduced drug use in those schools and in the wider community.

Then there's prayer… always.

God bless… George Barnard.

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