Looking Back At Us.


From the desk of George Barnard-

June 21, 2002.

Last weekend, Sandy Montee and I took some friends to the Coeur d'Alene meeting at Rick and Barbara Giles' home.  During the session there was a strange vision of what appeared to be a 'sunflower-like' bloom of massive proportions.  Only on one earlier occasion, when I spoke with Machiventa during early morning hours, did I see one such giant 'seed-bearing' bloom.  I could never quite figure just what it was.  To my knowledge, there is nothing like a sunflower with long white petals.  Sunflowers have golden petals, and the ripened seeds are almost black or charcoal. 

On this occasion, I focused sharply on one of the hundreds of seeds at the center of the bloom, and determined they were mid-blue and flesh colored seeds.  Then I realized I was looking at a smiling face.  But, no, it was a sea of smiling faces looking back at us mortals, and the blue was from their blue garment-clad shoulders.  They had formed a circle, and the white petals, so perfectly arranged all around the 'seed head', were Destiny Guardians.

As I continue to battle, off and on, with what one might call the auditory aspect of Universe Reflection, the visual aspect of same still astounds me on so many occasions.

Last Wednesday, we were visited by some members of the Coeur d'Alene Group, and I recounted what I had seen just days prior.  One visitor jumped up with delight, saying, "Hey!  I saw that, too!"

Get ready, planet Urantia.  The circuits are being re-established and strengthened, right now, as you read this note from…

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