The Sky Is The Limit.


Seraphic Assistance.

It seems a thousand years ago, though it was only in the Australian summer of 1971/1972 when I established visual contact with members of the 1,111 Secondary Midwayers.  They were ancient Warriors, Guardians, Healers, Messengers and Historians.  "But were you always ethical in your ways," I asked them.  I would not ever be associated with them if they were not "on the level" -- not subject to a strict moral code.

"We are all ways vouched for by our Seraphic Superiors," I was told.  "We fight.  We win.  We all ways win."  "All ways" meant that they won every time, in every respect, and for all concerned.  There were simply no losers as a result of whatever project they were ordered to tackle.

Some months later I considered the involvement of the Seraphim.  Why should they be hanging around, looking pretty, and not be doing something constructive.  Naively, I suggested they might get involved, too, since ABC-22, MNO-6, MNO-8, and I were often hard at work as a team.

A Book Of Dreams.

Within a few days, a book of dreams appeared on my clinic desk.  It was a gift from a patient who had taken her many lessons to heart and finally solved the problem that had plagued her since childhood.  I said, "Thank you so much."  I wondered if I really needed that book, but read it from cover to cover until the early morning hours.

Some of it actually made sense.  There were ever-so-many sayings and proverbs in any of the languages that were spoken in my home, and that related directly to the massive amount of information in that little dream book.  And soon, my vivid, often lucid, dreams all began to stay in memory during waking hours.  Dreams began to "happen with a vengeance".  But there was a problem; some were complex and convoluted, hard to translate, even though the meanings tended to be clear.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

I knew the Seraphim were involved with these dreams, and requested for them to keep the dreams simple, if at all possible.  "Just three main points to the dream, if you can explain the opportunity or problem in this way.  Give me the basics of what it is I need to know, and for me to save time.  I'll leave it on the shelf for you to study tonight, Ladies."

Things began to happen after that request, but to my dismay, the dreams did not apply to me.  In no way were the translations of any use, until… Until I began to realize they belonged to my patients rather than to me.  Some serious mischief that might have remained in the "obscure basket" was regularly available on the morning of the day during which I would treat that particular patient, with that particular cleverly-hidden psych ailment, cause for extreme neurosis, or hard-to-understand phobia.

It was only one short step to program the patients to experience those revealing dreams for themselves.  Amazingly, each of their dreams would have three -- just three -- major aspects, and they would be easy to decipher according to that little dream book.

Frequently I would hear them say, "I never ever dream, but I dreamed a most incredible dream that night after I saw you last week." -- words to that effect.  It convinced me the patients' own Destiny Guardians also took the time to read my little book of dreams.  There was cooperation all around, and easy-to-translate "mysteries" for this therapist.

"You dream every night," I used to tell them. "Request of your Angels to have you remember the dreams, and for them to make them concise, relevant, and simple stupid, like I get my dreams.  If you didn't dream every night, likely, you would wake up quite dead by morning's light."

It's good advice to get the little dream book, and ask for Seraphic assistance -- stop them from twiddling their etheric thumbs, for Seraphim will do almost anything for you.  Moreover, considering the percentage of the "sleeping" brain's oxygen intake being registered in the high nineties, we're bound to be dreaming every night.  Seraphim help you to remember if you ask them nicely.

Cody's Dilemma.

Just the other day, a nineteen-year-old was taught a relaxation/visualization exercise.  Until recently, young Cody has wasted quite a few years of his life with some illegal, and habit-forming drugs.  His high school education appears to be shot to pieces.  He has run away from home, and has been told he no longer needs to return there.

He comes from a home that believes in punishment and reward, though mostly punishment.  As well, severe criticism is an almost daily event.  Encouragement is entirely absent.  But on top of all that, Cody is diagnosed bi-polar, and the condition is quite severe -- not yet stabilized with the appropriate medicine.

Sandy and I took him in for a time, and the young man learned about our many Celestial Friends, and that life doesn't halt when one expires.  But it's not all bad.  The constant aggravation of such an unfavorable home environment would have kept his adrenaline output high -- his brain making neural connections at a greater than average rate, I feel.  Cody has a brain and mind, more than adequate to make the needed changes to become very successful.

The Session.

After the session ended, he eventually opened his eyes, somewhat disgruntled about having been brought to the surface.  He said, "Wow!  I saw this tiny little tree amongst big trees.  There was a powerful light that came from the Heavens, and there were lots of Angels all around me.  The tree just grew and grew, until it stood high above all the others.  That was a beautiful movie!"

I told him, "With all the difficulties placed in your way, and all the problems you yourself have created in the past, you are now getting all the help you need.  You can achieve anything.  The sky is the limit, Buddie.  That tree… is you."

Neither his lucid dream, nor my instant "translation", had anything to do with conscious thought.  It had everything to do with Seraphic and Midwayer input respectively.  That's how it goes.

Moments later, someone telephoned and offered Cody a permanent home.  His face lit up, and he said, "That's two miracles come my way in one single day!"

Notes:  That useful little dream book is called, "Zolar’s Encyclopedia And Dictionary Of Dreams".  I don't remember who publishes it.  I left it in Australia, and perhaps I don't really need it any more.  The dream translations just "happen"… like miracles.

We recommend this method of "learning whilst you sleep".

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